Composite Post April 2016

Buehler Focuses on Education Around the Globe

Buehler is sponsoring a free webinar on the “Right” and “Wrong” Ways of Material Preparation.
This webinar is aimed at Metallographers, Material testers, Material engineers and others who carry out sample preparation for different industries. The seminar will address common preparation problems. It will also highlight various key parameters to consider in sectioning, mounting and grinding/polishing stages.

How can you optimize your preparation procedures?
A select range of metallic materials, polymer matrix materials and ceramic coatings will be explored. These materials demand high quality preparation without adding grinding/polishing related artefacts ensuring that true microstructures are revealed.
These and many other problems will be shown during the three webinars that will run globally.

Materials that to be discussed include:

Nickel and cobalt
Thermal Spray coatings

Sign up today free and get a place in the virtual Buehler classroom.

The discussion will be in English. You will also receive a certificate of participation.

Select the best time zone and register today!

  • April 11 – Germany 3:00 CDT – Register
  • April 12 – United Kingdom 10:00 BST – Register
  • April 13 – Asia 8:30 BST or 3:30 AM CST – Register
  • April 13 – USA 1:00 CST – Register

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