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Precision Made Perfect – Getting the most out of your Precision Diamond Saw

When sectioning small, delicate or extremely hard materials, precision diamond saws are ideal. These saws primarily use thin, metal bonded diamond wafering blades which allow for more precise cuts, less material loss and less induced deformation.

For best performance from your precision Saw:

Select the right blade: Based on the material type, the goal is to find a blade that will create the best surface finish and lowest cut time
Dress diamond blades regularly: Soft, gummy materials can build up on the blade during the cut
Use ample lubricant in order to have optimum cut times and minimal deformation, it is essential to to keep the sample cool and facilitate abrasive particle cutting action.
Always tightly clamp your sample, and use double saddle chucks for long parts such as rods
Encapsulate samples with unusual shapes and friable materials using epoxy or other mounting media

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