Removing glue residue on Apex B and MagnoMet carrier plates

In Magnetic Systems, carrier plates are used to provide a flat and well supported surface for silicon carbide (SiC) paper.  If these papers are used heavily or for long periods, the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) glue used can remain on the carrier plate after removal of the paper.  This can cause problems with flatness and exacerbate problems with additional adhesion of glue, making it increasingly difficult to remove the SiC papers and accumulating residue.  Many users have transitioned to the Apex S system for glue-free SiC, or utilize the MagnoPad Teflon-coated carrier plate.

For those using the more traditional surfaces, glue can be removed using solvents such as Ethanol, Acetone or 2-Butoxyethanol. Soak the glue with one of these solvents and then clean with paper towel or lint free cloth.  Please use appropriate precautions for solvents, including PPE and working in a well ventilated area.

To alleviate this from recurring, it is recommended to apply Release Agent on the cleaned surface of the carrier plate (in spiral form) using the swab from Release Agent bottle (20-8186-004) and then let it dry completely before placement of PSA backed consumables.  Note that the spiral should cover no more than 50% of the available surface.  The application of release agent should be repeated approximately every 10 to 20 uses, or as needed.

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