Apex S Film Surface Cleaning

Apex S Film is used with compatible consumables such as CarbiMet S as a quick and effective way of attaching polishing consumables to the platen.  It relies on a high friction surface to hold the CarbiMet S silicon carbide papers and other surfaces in place.  Over time or with prolonged use, the surface of the Apex S can get contaminated with dirt, and its effectiveness will reduce. Cleaning can refresh the surface of the Apex S to as-new performance.

Cleaning can be done using Ethanol or Acetone solvent and a lint free paper towel or cloth. Use rubber gloves for protection during handling of these solvents.  Place the Apex S disc onto the grinder/polisher and set it to rotate at ~50rpm.  Soak the cloth with the solvent, and hold it against the rotating surface.  Change regularly to a clean area of the cloth.  Cleaning like this takes 20-30 seconds and the surface will immediate regain ‘stickiness’ to the touch. After cleaning, the surface should hold Apex S consumables perfectly again, with no risk of slippage.

Apex S Film surface cleaning
Before Cleaning
Apex S Film surface cleaning
After Cleaning

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