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Video Portal with Over 30 Metallographic Videos Since March 2020 to Support Customers

Buehler, a global manufacturer of metallographic and hardness testing equipment and consumables is focusing on delivering video demonstrations for customers. Over the last few years, the firm had partnered with key customers to create innovative products that solve sample preparation challenges and increase throughput in manufacturing. Due to the Covid travel restrictions, Buehler realized that they needed to continue to deliver product information but in a more shareable yet visual way. So, the company’s material scientists and product managers, led by Gauffrey Brown, the company’s Brand Identity Manager and video expert and ramped up video production and produced over 30 videos in three months. Brown explains, “We need to develop materials for our customers during a time when travel was reduced. So I developed a way to expedite the development of videos globally. Now team members throughout the world can develop video content simultaneously and customers can learn about Buehler and metallography.”   To help customers learn more about the new machines and see how they can improve their lab, Buehler created demonstration videos and quick how-to videos. To show the difference that Buehler consumables make, process videos were also developed. With this added knowledge, customers enjoy both savings in time and expenditures. The new products assure consistency, reliability and repeatability in the sample preparation process.
  Since Buehler started delivering these videos in April, they have noticed higher customer engagement in a virtual setting which also includes online demonstrations, consultations, webinars and sales presentations. Customers are enjoying learning about their equipment and realizing everything that a new Buehler machine can offer.
  The videos below are available to view at www.buehler.com. They are listed by language and can be sorted by product and use. This has made a big difference for quality conscious heat treaters, metal fabricators and other manufacturers. In addition, Buehler’s most recent product introductions of the AbrasiMet M and AbrasiMet XL Pro abrasive saws and the SimpliVac castable vacuum system have been very well received after video review.
Machine Demonstrations
  • SimpliMet 4000 Mounting Press
  • AutoMet Grinder Polisher
  • AbrasiMet XL Pro Automatic Saw
  • SimpliVac Vacuum System
  • Wilson UH4000 Universal Hardness Tester
  • Rockwell 574 Hardness Tester
  • ElectroMet 4 Polisher & Etcher
AbrasiMet XL Pro - How to Use Serial Cutting
Quick Guide - Final Polish
  • Final Polishing Consumable Options
  • Diamond Grinding Disc Dressing Process
  • Magnetic Platen System Overview
  • Cleaning Apex S Films
  • How to apply Diamond Paste
  • How to apply Wax to CarbiMet
  • How to apply Release Agent to SamplKup
  • How to mix Castable Epoxy
  • Sample Preparation of Fasteners
  • Metallographical Preparation of Case Hardener Parts
  • DiaMet Analysis of Thermal Spray Coatings
  • DiaMet Analysis of Weld Samples
  • Surface Coatings Metallographic Preparation & Analysis – Webinar
  • Five Fundamentals of Efficient Sample Preparation
  • Metallography of Fasteners – Webinar
  • Hardness Testing of Atmospheric Heat Treated and Hardened Parts – Webinar
Preparation of Fasteners using the PlanarMet
The AbrasiMet M Benchtop Manual Cutting Machine
DiaMet Demo Thermal Spray Coating
How-to Videos
  • AbrasiMet M – Key Functions of the New Tabletop Abrasive Cutter
  • AbrasiMet XL Pro – Key Functions of the New Programmable Floor Standing Saw
  • AutoMet – Managing Methods of the Semi-Automatic Robust Grinder Polisher
  • IsoMet High Speed – Serial Cutting in an Advanced Precision Saw
  • Changing Indenters on VH3300 Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Centering Indenters in DiaMet Adanced Hardness Software
  • Adjusting OmniMet Camera Settings for Microstructural Analysis
  • PlanarMet – Planar Grinder Dressing System

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