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Buehler Delivers More Videos and Two Channels to View

Since last year, Buehler has committed to producing regular videos to assist customers in their product selection and applications. Buehler offers two ways to see the products and applications in action, on the Buehler website we have a Video Portal and we also have our YouTube Channel BuehlerMaterials with a complete library of videos.

In the Buehler.com Video Portal, you can filter by Language, Video Type and Product to quickly find what you’re looking for. The applications videos are an excellent way to learn about unique Buehler solutions such as DiaMet hardness testing software, PlanarMet planar grinder applications, using Buehler grinding discs and even sample preparation instruction for applications such as thermal spray coatings, circuit boards and microelectronics.  

On the Buehler YouTube page, you will find videos that include recent innovations as well as applications and consumables how-to’s.   If you want to be alerted on the newest videos we upload, be sure to become a subscriber on the BuehlerMaterials YouTube page.  You will see the very latest, including the AbrasiMet XL Pro and the new Wilson Rockwell RH2150 hardness tester in action.

If there is something in particular you need to see, please let your Buehler representative know.  Custom presentations and demonstrations are also available through your representative.

Buehler YouTube Channel

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